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Management Team

Management Consultant: Kamal Prasad Paneru 

He advice manager on how to make company more profitable through reduced cost and increased profit.

He organize information about the problem to be solved or the procedure to be improved.

Finance Manager: Yuvaraj Upadhyaya ( CA Final, holds MBS)

He is resposible to take care of all the financial functions of this project. Furthermore, he has a good comunication skills to explain and justify complex financial transactions.

He also produces financial reports and develops strategies and plans for the long term financial goals of this Company.

Plant Manager (Chief Technical Officer) : Er. Md Abbas Ansari (Graduated Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology,Lahore,Pakistan.)

In this role he leads a team of supervisors,technicians and outsourced vendors to undertake all preventive/corrective maintenance works as well as new installations within the assigned facilities and systems to ensure that all electrical & mechanical systems are immaculate condition for safe and seamless operation.

He also develops maintenance schedules, manage projects and implement safe working practice,supervise and co-ordinate work activities for individuals and teams.

He works with engineers/technicians to resolve technical issues and implement technical enhancements.

Account Manager: Pratikshya Sharma( holds MBS from Tribhuvan University)

She works for this company or private individuals and help them with their financial decisions or other money-related issues.

she is an excellent management skills perfoming overviews of the financial operations.

Company Secretary: Shambhu Timilsina

Procurement Manager: Bhoj Raj Puri (Graduated Bachelor from Tribhuvan University)

He is having good skills with this company to ensures that his organization secures the best deals for products and services it purchases.


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  • Capital Structure
    1. Authorized Capital – 1,150,000,000
    2. Issued Capital - 800,000,000
    3. Paid up capital - 600,000,000
    4. Debt - 72.5%
    5. Equity - 27.5%